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Neck Lift Fredericksburg

The Weekend Lift (Neck Lift) rejuvenates your appearance

The Weekend Lift (Neck Lift) is one of the least invasive facial plastic surgeries that can make the greatest difference in your looks and your image.



The Weekend Lift is a minilift to the neck utilizing a novel approach from the front. This procedure addresses the “turkey waddle “of skin patients want removed without going through a full face lift. Skin and fat is removed in the front and muscles underneath tightened to give a firm smooth neck ,then the skin is resutured using a special technique to camouflage the scar. This procedure is especially popular with men and women who want to minimize recovery, downtime, and avoid a general anesthetic. The cost is about one third of a full face lift. Some patients have the procedure on Friday and return to light activity on Monday, ergo ” The Weekend Lift.”

For more information or to schedule a personal consultation, please call our Fredericksburg office toll-free 1-866-588-3937 or contact us by email for a phone consultation.