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Rhinoplasty Fredericksburg

The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to harmonize…

Nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of the nose. The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to harmonize the nose better with other facial features. The procedure literally reshapes the nose.



First, incisions are made and the skin of the nose if listed from its underlying bone and cartilage support system. The majority of incisions are made inside the nose, where they are invisible.

Next, certain amounts of underlying bone and cartilage are removed or rearranged to provide a newly-shaped structure. The skin is then redraped over the new frame and the incisions are closed. A splint is applied to the outside of the nose to help retain the new shape while the nose heals.

In the immediate days following surgery, there may some bruising and minor swelling in the eye area. Nasal dressing and splints are usually removed just six or seven days after surgery.

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