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Plastic Surgery Tips Fredericksburg

Three Ways to Look Younger for Less

Today’s Facial Rejuvenation Bargains

There’s only one good thing about the global recession: it’s global.

We’re all in the same boat. You may have less money, but so do we. And so do all the other businesses you count on to maintain the lifestyle you prefer.

Age is Reflected by your Skincare

Quality Treatments at Bargain Prices

We’ve adapted to the times by coming up with low-cost options for our highest-ticket items.

Our highest-ticket item is a full facelift. In the best of times, it could run you about $10,000 to $20,000.
Here are three ways to get the same or similar results without spending a bundle.

  1. Combine Low-Impact Surgery with Fillers
    We’ve got an array of economical and quick treatments we can do right here in our office, using local anesthesia and mild sedative drugs. They address specific areas of the face. They don’t require a surgical suite or an overnight stay.

    We also have a large palette of fillers. These work in different ways to rejuvenate different parts of the face. We can combine the in-office procedures and fillers (along with our traditional peels) for “quick-lift” effects that can often rival the results of a full facelift.

    • Cheek fillers and a peel.A mid face lift using cheek fillers can do more than restore mid-face contours. In many candidates, it will also erase jowls. These structural changes transform a person’s perceived age.
    • Upper Face Surgery and Fractionated Laser Peel.For those with tired eyes and heavy brows, an eyelid lift will immediately brighten one’s facial expression. To match the complexion to the new look, we can use fractional laser.

      Applied to the face and neck, the laser will build collagen evenly over the entire surface, plumping up contours and removing wrinkles. With Botox to relax frown lines, the final result is a beautifully rejuvenated face.

    • A “Minimal Access” Facelift and Fillers.Less expensive, and with shorter scars than a full facelift, the minimal access facelift will tighten sagging neck skin. Meanwhile, we can re-contour the mid and upper face with volumizing fillers.
      Adding a deep peel to unify the changes, for some candidates, this can work as well as a full facelift.

    These are just three examples. The full menu includes dozens of variations. Your particular facial issues, age, skin condition, and features, will determine which treatments will work best in combination.

    The goal is to achieve a comprehensive result at a lower cost.

  2. Use Longer Lasting Wrinkle Fillers
    One of the most comprehensive and versatile fillers in our palette is also quite long-lasting.Radiesse will last a year or longer, and do more than fill in wrinkles. It will add volume to the face.

    I’m particularly fond of using Radiesse to re-define facial contours and fill in nasolabial folds.

    Depending on your age and skin condition, a Radiesse “lift” could tide you over until the economy improves and you can book a full facelift.

  3. Opt for CO2 Laser Restructuring

The gold standard for skin resurfacing remains the CO2 laser or deep phenol peel. This deep abrasion of the skin’s surface smooths, lifts, and unifies skin all over the face. Less aggressive treatments can be used to freshen the neck and chest. While removing damage, the laser stimulates collagen production. That means you get immediate improvement, plus your complexion continues to refresh itself gradually after the treatment.

What a welcome change that would be, seeing your complexion clarify little by little, every week after your treatment!

Immediate results include:

  • “Crepey” skin (around the eyes, for instance) goes back to being firm.
  • Age spots disappear.
  • Small blemishes disappear.
  • Acne scars smooth out.
  • Texture improves.
  • Wrinkles are gone.
  • Pucker marks (those deep folds such as you see in the chin area) improve dramatically.

Budget-Minded, Conscience-Free

Call us today at for a full evaluation at 1-866-588-3937 or contact us by email for a phone consultation.

We can design a budget-minded facial rejuvenation in a recipe that’s just right for you.