Avoiding the Knife: Kybella and Infini

Published on November 20, 2015

Everyone wants want to look young but few relish the discomfort and long down times of surgery.

So I’ve been investing in the best new non-surgical anti-aging technologies. They’re surprisingly powerful. Often they’re powerful enough to replace the surgical solutions of yore.

For example, here’s how two of my new “toys” can be applied to the neck, a troublesome area for many and an early marker in the aging process.

  1. Loose Skin and the “Fat Neck” Look
    Some people have a “fat neck” look. But it’s not caused by fat! Loose skin is the culprit.

    The skin hangs in a way that creates a dumpy look. This is a congenital problem. There’s no way to exercise it away.

    Back in the day a neck lift was the only way to deal with this. A neck lift is real surgery! It involves an incision behind the ear, anesthesia, bandages, down time — the whole nine yards.

    Today, with my new Infini skin tightening laser, there’s no need for surgery. I can re-shape the contours of the lower face to eliminate this unattractive feature.

  2. Wrinkled necks

    Gravity can create a “pool” of skin that settles in layers just above the collarbone. Watch out! “Old person’s neck” in the making!

    This is such an early sign of aging that a surgical cure never came about. Surgery would have been overkill. So we’d wait until the platysmal bands had gotten droopy (turkey neck) and then go in for a full neck lift.

    Today I can tackle this problem early, using the Infini to shrink and strengthen the skin and restore a smooth surface. With occasional touch-ups, necks can stay lovely much longer than in the past.

Multi-Layer Treatments

The Infini’s hand-piece can be adjusted to send radiofrequency energy to many different depths. So while I’m repairing the relatively thick skin on a neck I can also refresh the more delicate skin of the face.

For the under-50 crowd, a round of Infini treatments can often be as rejuvenating as a facelift.

It smoothes out surfaces, strengthens the dermis and improves elasticity. The treatments stimulate collagen production, adding a cushion of healthy cells that plump up otherwise tired, wrinkled skin on top.

When Your Neck Issues Really Are About Fat

Sometimes the “fat neck” look really is all about extra fat. This localized fat makes both men and women look overweight when they’re actually slender.

In the past I’d have had to liposuction out this fat. Liposuction is invasive. It involves a 2-week recovery period, during which my patient would have to wear a neck compression garment.

Today I can offer these patients Kybella, the newly FDA-approved treatment for fat under the chin.

I can melt the fat cell membranes with a series of injections. The fat then gets absorbed into the body and excreted normally through the digestive tract.

  • The treatments take about 15 minutes.
  • They’re repeated monthly, for 2 to 6 months (depending on the amount of fat to be removed.
  • The down time is minimal.
  • There’s no need to wear a neck compression garment after the treatments.

Kybella provides an elegant, minimalist solution to an age-old problem.

The media has been all over Kybella, as you can see from this ABC News segment:

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