Don’t Make This One Drastic Mistake

Published on March 18, 2016

Your Face Deserves Better

It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would “try out” facial rejuvenation with a bunch of amateurs.

Isn’t that what medspas are all about? Powerful lasers, chemicals and other treatments deployed by inexperienced non-professionals.

  • Is it about thrift? Are people looking for bargains?

    That would be absurd! Because you and I only have one face. There are no trial versions, just that one. And it’s the most essential element in how we meet the world.

    No sensible person practices thrift on what they hold dear in life.

  • Is it about atmosphere? Getting that “just for me treat” in a luxurious ladies’ club setting, with candles and lovely aromas?

    That’s even more absurd! That’s trading a moment of vanity for a possible lifetime of heartache.

Facial rejuvenation treatments are part of medical science. They have medical consequences. But you’d never know it from the medspas’ ads for their “low-impact” miracles. They make them sound like a walk on the beach.

They deny the seriousness of the treatments. And to increase profits, they hire cheap labor to do the work.

The results are not pretty.

I’m Privy to the Damage

More and more, I’m being asked to undo their mistakes.

  • It pains me to see disfiguring results.
  • Some are just temporary, but others will torment these unlucky patients for years to come.
  • They could have been avoided if the patient had sought out a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in the first place.

Medspa accidents are often referred to me by the medspas themselves. Which makes me want to ask the unlucky patient: If your “medical” spa has to refer you to a specialist to fix their mistakes, doesn’t that tell you something about how qualified they are to do what they are doing?

ANY time you seek out a medical procedure the MINIMUM qualification you should look for is board certification in the specific procedure you are seeking.

  • If you are seeking facial rejuvenation, you should go to a Facial Plastic Surgeon (not just someone board-certified in plastic surgery or general surgery – those specialties don’t entail the same level of focus on facial anatomy required of facial surgeons).

God Invented Medical Boards for a Reason

Medical boards are here to protect consumers.

  • They withhold licenses from people who can’t prove competency in a given field.
  • They investigate and discipline screw-ups.
  • They force doctors to continuously upgrade their skills to keep their licenses current.
  • By setting stringent standards they keep doctors honest.

Why would you NOT take advantage of the protections offered to the public by medical boards?

“But a Doctor Owns It”

Yes, I know the ads for these medspas assure you there’s a trained M.D. at the helm. And that he or she is “overseeing” the treatments.

But think about it:

  • Is the doctor supervising the medical spa present during business hours?
  • Is this doctor immediately available to handle problems and emergencies?
  • Is the doctor trained in IV sedation and anesthesia techniques to guarantee you a comfortable experience?
  • Does he or she routinely attend national meetings on facial cosmetic surgery (as board-certified facial surgeons are required to do)?
  • Are you being offered all the options for your cosmetic problem at the medspa, or are you being steered toward the limited options on their menu?

The Right Treatment for the Wrong Condition

This issue of options is important. There are lots of ways to address skin issues these days. Some are more appropriate than others for certain conditions.

I can’t tell you the number of patients I’m seeing lately whose problems stem from some practitioner using the wrong modality — trying to force a square peg into a round hole. When the wrong treatment is applied to a problem, the results always disappoint.

Unlike many small medspas, at Hill Country Plastic Surgery we have more than one arrow in our quiver. We offer the full spectrum from topicals to noninvasive techniques to the gold-standard surgical procedures appropriate for the problem.

So we have no motivation to sell you something that isn’t right for you.

We’re not selling a menu of
treatments, we’re treating patients.

Experience Counts

The next time you’re tempted to schedule a “relaxing” appointment for skin remodeling at a well-appointed medspa, remember these qualities that are only available at Hill Country Plastic Surgery:

  • I’ve been a board certified facial plastic surgeon for 29 years.
  • I’ve been a clinical professor of facial plastic surgery at the University of Texas.
  • I’m a past president of the Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society
  • I’ve lectured on plastic surgery in print, on the radio, and on TV.
  • I’m an inspector for licensure and accreditation of ambulatory surgery centers performing plastic surgery.
  • I’ve added innovative techniques to a range of plastic surgery procedures.

You wouldn’t entrust your finances to a newbie financial advisor. You wouldn’t let your house be remodeled by an unproven designer. You wouldn’t even give your car to a mechanic you don’t know.

So why would you let a stranger work on your face?