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Published on February 3, 2017

Anti-aging scientists are on a quest to change the way we grow old. Step 1 – they’ve discovered the structures in our bodies that regulate cellular replenishment.
Called “telomeres,” these structures appear on every chromosome of our bodies and dictate whether we create “young” or “old” cells to replace the ones that die off.
I introduced you to telomeres in my June 2014 newsletter.

As I said in June, telomere length is the key. Shortened telomeres mean tissues are decaying or “getting old.” Longer telomeres mean the body is still producing younger cells.
In the past, the shortening of telomeres over time was thought to be inevitable and irreversible. But a new book suggests telomere length may be malleable.
Best of all, lifestyle changes can have a major effect on the length of your telomeres.

Control Aging from Inside

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn — the researcher who won a Nobel Prize for her work on telomeres — has just published a book about how to keep telomeres healthy. It offers strategies to rejuvenate every cell of your body from within.

If you add these strategies to the peels, injections and other treatments we offer here at Hill Country Plastic Surgery you’ll be taking optimum care of your health and beauty.
I’m recommending that every one of my patients read this book. (Click on the thumbnail to order it from Amazon.)
Reading this book will do more than help you look better as the years go by. It has the potential to give you an entirely different experience of aging than the one we take for granted here in the West.

Think about how we in the West experience aging:

  • Most of us enjoy good health and high functioning for our first 4 decades.
  • Then, for the next 3 decades or so, we start to see a decline. Some of it is genetic, some lifestyle-based.
  • We become less physically active.
  • This leads to even more health problems.
  • Declining function accelerates and we experience a long era of frailty.
  • Then we die.

In other words, most of us experience a steady, uncomfortable decline from middle age until death.

A New Trajectory for Aging

What telomere lengthening offers is the ability to extend Phase 1 of this progression — the plateau of fun, functionality and health — way past middle age, almost to the end of life.
Instead of that 30-year decline you experience a long, enjoyable Phase 1, followed by a rapid drop off at the end of life — like falling off a cliff.

Why Suffer?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in experiencing decades of pain, suffering and dependency on others. I’m even less interested in mental decline!
Anything that offers to sidestep Alzheimer’s disease, aching body parts and assisted living as the codas to this magnificent life grabs my attention.

THE TELOMERE EFFECT is an attention-grabber. It reveals how sleep quality, exercise, and diet affect your telomeres.

It shows the destructive effects chronic stress, negative thoughts, strained relationships and even the wrong neighborhoods can have on these critical structures.

There’s plenty of practical wisdom in this book.

  • Lists of foods telomeres love
  • Amounts and types of exercise that are healthy for telomere preservation
  • Mind tricks to protect yourself from stress
  • How to protect your children against developing shorter telomeres, from pregnancy through adolescence
  • How to make communities more telomere-friendly.

If you take it seriously and follow its suggestions, this book can help you stay vital and fit while everyone around you surrenders to infirmity.


Join me in attacking the Aging Monster from both ends, externally and internally. Find out about rejuvenation on the molecular level.

With the right information you can have more beauty, vitality and enjoyment during every phase of your life.