How Does Kybella Work?

Published on March 20, 2020

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure in which the fat underneath the chin is targeted. Deoxycholic acid injections are primarily used to target the fat cells in the entire area. It is a natural chemical found in the body which breaks down and absorbs dietary fat.

Kybella uses a synthetic form of the deoxycholic drug, and once it is injected into the skin, the acid breaks down and absorbs the fat beneath the chin. The filler prevents the target area from storing fat, and it does this by destroying the walls of the fat cells it comes in contact with. Only trained healthcare professionals are usually given permission to administer Kybella injections, as other cells can be destroyed if wrongly injected.

Is Kybella Safe?


Kybella has been approved to be used on the chin by the FDA (Food and drug administration) since 2015. Also, Kybella is a non-surgical treatment and does not require the use of anesthesia or any other related drugs. So, it is important to first discuss your medical history with your health provider and ascertain that you are the right candidate for the surgery.

After a Kybella injection, you might feel some soreness on the chin and your face. You can use normal pain relievers like Ibuprofen to reduce the discomfort. The area might look slightly swollen after the injection, but that is normal. It will take around three to five weeks to see the desired result. The results vary with different people having different chin profiles, but typically, you may need between one to four sittings for the treatment to be completed.