Radiofrequency Energy for Aging Eyes

Published on December 18, 2015

In my December newsletter I promised the first few issues of 2016 would focus on features we can rejuvenate with the Infini. December’s issue was about necks, so let’s move on to the eyes.

In particular, let’s look at the two most common problems we see in aging eyes.

1) Crepey Upper Eyelids

Upper eyelid skin loses elasticity as we get older. A ribbed surface of loose skin replaces the smooth skin of youth. This sagging skin can start to fold over in the crease where the eyeball meets the eye socket.

The folds push downward, making eyes appear less open and bright.

Old School Surgery

The old surgical solution for this was to excise eyelid skin. Today we don’t have to resort to this method. Radiofrequency energy, which builds collagen in the dermis, will restore skin in the entire eye area above the eyes, from eyebrows to lashes. When this skin is more supple, the folds and the hooded appearance disappear.

Don’t Give Up on Eye Makeup

My patients have confided in me the dismay they suffer over their aging eyelid skin.

Applying eye makeup gets harder and harder. In the early stages of the process eye shadow is the biggest problem. Iridescent shadow is the worst offender! Crepey skin captures light and draws attention to a condition they’d rather hide.

So iridescent shadow is the first thing to go in their (formerly enjoyable) eye makeup regimen.

The Slippery Slope

They eventually give up on eye shadow altogether. As skin texture worsens, even matte powders and gels clump up in the quilted wrinkles of the skin.

Eyeliner is the next item to kick the bucket. Why bother? It only gets caught in those little creases at the edge of the eyes, where it breaks up and smears and makes a mess.

Losing the power to beautify one’s eyes, feel secure about how you look and enjoy your eyes’ allure takes quite a bit of the joy out of living.

At least that’s what my patients tell me.

Katie Couric’s crow’s feet just add
sparkle to her smile.

2) Crow’s feet (I call them “smile lines”)

I happen to like smile lines. I think they add character to a woman’s face. They make her smile seem more sincere.

But my patients would rather live without them. And I can understand why. Not only do they block out the bloom of youth, they presage a future where even the most charming mile lines turn into deep, unattractive furrows.

So why not catch those “crow’s feet” while they’re still manageable? And continue to manage them so the entire face retains a clear, illuminated look?

That’s the promise of the Infini.

Don’t Take My Word for It

I know you trust your friends and other women more than me. So I’ve reprinted some quotes here that I found on, a trusted resource about cosmetic medicine. RealSelf forums give women a chance to talk “over the back fence” to each other about the rejuvenation treatments available today.

  • “The hollows under my eyes appeared less … well … hollow…. Lines weren’t as pronounced around my eyes and pigmented patches were lighter. Overall my complexion looked and felt more hydrated and it absorbed product more effectively.”
    • -Andrea, Charlottesvile, N.C.
  • “Relatively painless and easy. No downtime for recovery. All in all very satisfied with the procedure.”
    • -Grandma Patti, Rockford, Ilinois
  • “I have small pits and larger dents in my face with a lot of white hypo-pigmentation spots. …the Infini laser broke apart and lessened the hypo-pigmentation. I’m booking another treatment this month.”
    • -Anonymous, Englewood, NJ
  • “It did not hurt at all. I highly recommend Infini RF.”
    • -Linda, Chevy Chase, MD
  • “My face appears to have fewer visible pores and my wrinkles have faded with an overall smoother appearance to my skin. I look forward to further treatments and a younger looking me!”
    • -Marrietta, Toronto, Canada

By the way, the Infini has garnered a 100% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf. That’s woman-to-woman talk. That’s something you can take to the bank.

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