Is a Rhytidectomy Right for Me?

Published on May 19, 2020

What is Rhytidectomy?

Rhytidectomy, generally known as a facelift, is a surgical procedure for enhancing and improving the face. It is a procedure where excess skin is removed from the face and jawline. This treatment will not only make you look younger but will tighten the skin on the neck and below the chin.

How is it Done?

Before the surgery begins, anesthesia will be administered to you, and your surgeon will start the incisions from the hairline to the lower scalp. After this, the fats will be distributed around the cheeks, neck, and jaw. Then the remaining fats are removed, and the incisions will be stitched.

Should You Undergo Rhytidectomy?

A facelift is usually done by people who want to enhance their appearance, remove sagging skin and wrinkles. Older people and adults opt for this treatment because it is done easily with fewer complications and effective long-term results. If you think that your face is aging or is losing its volume, facelift treatment will be suitable for you because it will tighten your face and restore your beauty. However, before you make an appointment for the treatment, you should have a healthy mental and physical state.

Is Rhytidectomy Safe?

The facelift treatment has been in existence for years and has become a common cosmetic surgery in older people. This treatment is safe because it is done only by licensed and professional surgeons. However, consulting your surgeon will keep you on the safe side.