Oregon Trails

Published on September 24, 2015

Mary Ann and I topped off our summer with a trip to Oregon to visit family.

“Surf’s up!” doesn’t come instantly to mind when thinking of Oregon, but in fact there’s a big surfing community up there. That’s true in spite of water temperatures averaging 50 degrees Farenheit.

For fun Mary Ann and I mostly eyeballed the incredibly scenic coastline, stopping at a few beaches to build sand castles and watch the surfers.

Mary Ann had packed her wetsuit (how could I have forgotten?). She braved the chilly surf for boogie boarding and body surfing.

Inventory Audits

Me, I devoted the lion’s share of my energy to reviewing inventory at the famous Fort George Brewery. I can report that Fort George beers have highly medicinal properties. This is especially true when you follow them with oyster shooters.

However, eventually the shooters compromised my ability to turn in accurate reviews of the beer.

After a few days of seashore fun, Mary Ann and I bid a fond farewell to our neighbor to the north.

We’re delighted to be back on home turf, ready to get you ready for the soon-to-arrive holiday season.