Stop Facial Aging In Its Tracks

Published on January 26, 2016

With Skin Tightening Technology

We continue to experience great success with our latest and greatest skin remodeling equipment, the Infini High Intensity Focused Radiofrequency Laser. Combining the power of radiofrequency waves with the precision of microneedling, the Infini tightens sagging skin while restoring youthful contours.

Last month I showed you what the Infini can do to for eyes. Before that I demonstrated the changes it can make in the neck and jaw. This month I want to talk about the mid-face. Let’s look at these 3 markers of mid-face aging separately:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Striated, thinning mouths

Nasolabial Folds

Those wrinkles that form between the bottom of the nose and the outer lips in your 30s will eventually thicken into creases. Early on, when they’re still just fine wrinkles, I can erase them with fillers.

But at a later stage the lax skin of the cheek folds over the wrinkle, making it painfully visible (as in the photo on the right). Adding filler to extreme creases like these only adds unnatural-looking volume in the area. Fillers are out.

So how can we erase that fatigued, worn look caused by nasolabial folds? The only way is to tighten skin on the cheek, relieving its downward push on that inevitable wrinkle.

In times gone by only a facelift (pulling cheek skin toward the ears) would have corrected a sagging cheek.

But today, with skin tightening technology, we can continuously maintain skin in the cheek area, adding collagen at regular intervals. When we do this faithfully we slow the formation of nasolabial lines and arrest their progress into ugly creases.

Marionette Lines

Those perverse little wrinkles that run from the corners of the mouth to the jaw not only make you look old, they give you a scowling expression.

It’s important to zap these classic signs of aging early and keep them at bay. By strengthening and tightening the skin around the mouth and above the jaw, we make a pre-emptive strike. We keep marionette lines from etching those wrinkles that deepen over time.

Mouths and Lips

As all women know, mouths are early-warning systems. They’re among the first features raising the alarm about the passing of youth.

1) Vertical scoring of the upper lip comes first.

2) Then as skin around the mouth loses elasticity, the lips appear to harden and shrink.

At this point many women come to my office asking about lip augmentation. I can tell they’re not enthusiastic about it. The spectre of trendy “big lips” a la Melanie Griffith haunts them. (Not that I would ever commit that faux pas.)

Fortunately, we don’t have to enlarge their lips at all. Restoring the skin around the mouth will relieve pressure, smooth out the edges of the lips and re-frame them to appear softer and more feminine.

More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Taken separately, the small improvements cited above may seem too subtle to make a difference in someone’s looks. But I can apply the Infini to the entire face in a single sitting. In a series of collagen-stimulating treatments I can create a net effect that’s HUGE.

It’s like when you pain a room. A fresh coat of paint doesn’t transform a room until the moldings and doors are done in a contrasting color and the flooring is refreshed. After that the “Wow!” factor comes into play. All elements work together to create that “brand new space” feeling.

It’s the same with the subtle tightening and volum izing of facial features. The Infini’s adjustable handpiece lets me remodel everything in concert: the thin tissue around the eyes and the thicker tissue in the cheeks, chin, etc. As your body replaces lost collagen, your face goes back to an earlier state.

Infini treatments are done in increments so we can fine-tune your results. We’ll both know when you’re “finished.” You’ll look in the mirror and see someone you thoroughly love.

That means we’re done.

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